Intellectual Property, Technology and Creativity Put Us in the Game with Electronic Arts

With 688(I) Hunter/Killer™, Sonalysts captured not only the true essence of submarine warfare but also PC Games magazine's "Best Combat Simulation" citation for 1997 and recognition in the 1999 and 2000 Guiness Book of Records for "Most Intellectually Challenging Computer Game." Electronic Arts approached Sonalysts for an authentic submarine simulation, never imagining that the game would be so close to reality that it was to become part of the training regimen for both the U.S. and Royal navies.

688(I) Hunter/Killer™ was developed by Sonalysts and distributed under the Jane's® series of combat simulation games for Electronic Arts. Asked to provide an engaging recreational military simulation, Sonalysts furnished not only the technology and creativity necessary for this type of game but also first hand knowledge of naval operations and submarine resources. With 107 former naval officers and 25 years of defense simulation experience, Sonalysts was able to assemble a stellar project team.

From all this expertise, came a submarine experience complete with operating stations, real-world terrain, authentic situations and a multi-player capacity bound to captivate and stimulate.