Fleet Command™ Finds Audiences with Gamers, Network News and Navies Alike

Realism and accuracy are the hallmarks of the Jane's® series of combat simulation games. Having completed work on 688(I) Hunter/Killer™, Sonalysts was given a new mission—to create a military simulation game integrating global conflict and exclusive real-time strategy capability as the commander of entire fleets of naval vessels. No detail was too minute for this project and accuracy was paramount. Sonalysts, having the necessary subject matter experts and technology, accepted its orders without hesitation.

Fleet Command™, PC Gamer's "Best Wargame" runner-up, is a sophisticated PC-compatible game that utilizes artificial intelligence in the execution of platform tactics and the development of intuitive scenarios. This recreational military game presents realistic graphical depictions and accurate modeling and simulation of the maneuvering and combat system capabilities of U.S., Allied, Neutral, and potentially hostile forces.

Before Fleet Command was on the shelves, animation from the game appeared on NBC News and Dateline NBC in lieu of unavailable footage illustrating Tomahawk cruise missile launches, carrier flight operations in the Persian Gulf, and strikes on Baghdad during Operation Desert Fox. ABC's Good Morning America followed suit at the beginning of the war in Kosovo. Various Navy commands are using Fleet Command for training, battle experiments, and analysis. Even the Royal Navy has asked for a license to modify the game for operational planning.