"If you liked Jane's 688(I), you will love Sub Command - three times as much." ...Subsim Review

Sub Command™ continues the legacy of 688(I) Hunter/Killer™ and Jane's Fleet Command™. Over a year in development, the third PC simulation created by Sonalysts, Inc. and published by Electronic Arts, puts players in command of the three deadliest and stealthiest submarines in the world - the U.S. Seawolf and 688(I), and the Russian Akula. Each submarine contains authentic naval systems including Sonar, Target Motion Analysis, Fire Control and Radar as well as cutting-edge weaponry. Sub Command™ has been well received by newcomers and long time 688(I) Hunter/Killer™ players alike. Subsim Review reports "If you liked Jane's 688(I), you will love Sub Command - three times as much."

Sub Command™ provides multi-play enthusiasts with the long awaited opportunity to hone their skills against on-line opponents commanding state of the art submarines of two long-time adversaries. Sonalysts' experienced game designers included optional auto crewman, voice commands and simple menus to create a game that is accessible to the novice player while still providing advanced players with a high fidelity simulation and game challenges they have come to expect from Sonalysts. Developed in cooperation with the U.S. Naval Institute, Sub Command™ features an extensive database of specifications and photographs of hundreds of ships, submarines, aircraft and weapons used by sixteen of the world's navies, and depicted in 3D form by Sonalysts' talented animators.